Drop Off Instructions

Please send us a text after you do a drop-off. Please leave your items by the front door (out of the rain), and we will bring it in as soon as we are available. We accept MOST TYPES ELECTRONICS in any condition that can plug into outlets or run on batteries from all California cities and towns. No appointment needed.

To help us expedite the recycling process, please leave a slip of paper or sticky note with your drop-off stating the condition of your items i.e. working, not working, dead battery, does not turn on, broken screen etc. 

When recycling Apple products, please ensure you’ve signed out of iCloud for your safety and privacy. For Android devices, make sure you remove your google account. 

When recycling laptops, please leave the hard drive caddy and screws with it if you plan to keep your hard drive. Please tape down the screws do they don’t get lost.

Thank you for your support!



Items and Services We Charge For:

  • Hard drive wipe certificate: $15 per unit
  • Inkjet printers: $10 for one person carry, $20 for 2 person carry
  • TVs: $20 if it requires one person to carry, $40 if it requires two people i.e. 65″ plasma
  • Microwaves/Air Fryers/Convection Ovens (any kitchen or cooking appliance): $10
  • Light Bulbs/fluorescent tube: $2 per lb
  • Batteries (alkaline, lithium-ion, ni-cad etc.): $1 per lb
  • Paper Shredders: $10
  • Misc household electronics (lamps, vacuums etc.): $1 per lb

Please stop any of our available locations below: