Welcome to Reducing Ewaste – San Jose

Thank you for choosing us! We live through our motto Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and take pride in helping the local community. Our company puts in the extra effort to securely wipe your data before your electronics are properly recycled. For example, Active Kill Disk to wipe all the hard drives of the laptops that come in. After that, the drives can be safely recycled. As a result, less hard drives end up in landfill and your data is secure.


List Of Accepted Items:

  • Any kind Monitors purchased and used in California
  • Laptops, Docking Stations, Notebooks, Kindles, iPads, Tablets
  • Computers, PCs, Servers, Networking Gears, Modem, Routers, Telecom Equipment, Data Center Equipment
  • Testing Equipment, Industrial Equipment, Credit card machines, Digital Cable Box
  • Power Supplies, Electronic Meters, Electronic Motors, Transformers
  • Cell Phones, Smart Phones, Home and Office Telephone, Conferencing Equipment, Walkie Talkie
  • UPS/APC, All Backup Devices, Auto Batteries, Forklift Batteries, (Lead Acid)
  • Wire/Cables, Adapters, Chargers
  • CPU, Memory, Hard Drives, Printed Circuit Board, PCBs, Components, IC Chips & Other Misc. Computer Components
  • Game Consoles and accessories
  • DVR, TIVO, Projectors, Virgin Toner Cartridges.
  • Security Equipment, Cameras
  • Solar Panels (for a small fee)
  • Light switches, dimmers

List Of Items We Do NOT Accept:

  • Large appliances (i.e. refrigerators, stoves, water heaters)
  • Coolant, Oil (these can be recycled at the San Jose Environmental Innovation Center at their Hazardous Waste Drop-off Facility by scheduling an appointment at https://hhw.sccgov.org/home)refrigerator

Items and Services We Charge For:

  • Hard drive wipe certificate: $15 per unit
  • Inkjet printers: $10 for one person carry, $20 for 2 person carry
  • TVs: $20 if it requires one person to carry, $40 if it requires two people i.e. 65″ plasma
  • Microwaves/Air Fryers/Convection Ovens (any kitchen or cooking appliance): $10
  • Light Bulbs/fluorescent tube: $2 per lb
  • Batteries (alkaline, lithium-ion, ni-cad etc.): $1 per lb
  • Paper Shredders: $10
  • Misc household electronics (lamps, vacuums etc.): $1 per lb

We provide free ewaste pick up for qualified businesses, schools, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. When you have 10 or more items, you qualify for a free pick-up! Fill out the form on the Contact Us page to schedule a free pick-up today!

No pick up for residential areas. However, you can stop by at any of our locations for a drop-off.


Lily PLily P
22:48 25 Mar 23
Upon arrival we were surprised it was a house, but not to worry! Simply drop the e-waste items on their front porch and text them to let them know. Extremely fast, easy, contactless, and convenient! Highly recommend supporting this local and small business.
Elliott AndersonElliott Anderson
03:56 16 Oct 22
Absolutely painless way to recycle old or unneeded electronics. Drop off was super simple, instructions were easy to understand and completely hassle free. I was really thankful for the variety of electronics equipment they accept since I had accumulated dozens of redundant or outdated items over the years. I love that equipment can be dropped off any time of day, it’s very convenient when most other recycling places are only open Monday through Friday.
Zachary YuenZachary Yuen
16:55 13 Oct 22
Had a few bulkier items that were e-waste. Messaged the business and got a prompt response regarding what they could take. Ended up having to pay $5 for the service, but was super easy and convenient to drop off. Would come again.
Tony LesonTony Leson
05:19 31 Aug 22
Yay!! Found a place close to home to take care of my e-waste. Love how convenient and easy it is to drop off my e-waste. Cameron makes it easy to communicate and is a big help. Glad to be able to dispose of my e-waste properly.
John ChenJohn Chen
22:19 30 Aug 22
When I called, he answers clearly what he would and would not take. Second time, I simply texting him with a picture to verify and he responded within seconds. Highly recommended. I have faith he will do the best to help reuse and recycle.
Paloma MendozaPaloma Mendoza
17:33 30 Aug 22
I contacted Reducing Ewaste for the company that I work for because they wanted to recycle some monitors, keyboards, etc. The process of it all was very easy and simple, and I was glad to have gotten such a fast response from Cameron each time I had a question. Cameron came to the office and picked up all the items that the company wanted to recycle. I highly recommend to anyone, whether you are a person trying to de-clutter your office space, or a business. Thanks for all the help Cameron!
Michael NguyenMichael Nguyen
05:12 30 Aug 22
Spoke with Cameron and dropped off an old Dell laptop, HP scanner, and a pair of Rabbit eared TV attennas. Easy communication. Highly recommend for dropping off old electronic equipment. Especially if you live close to the Silver Creek, Evergreen, and East San Jose area.
02:23 30 Aug 22
Convenient, fast, and great customer service. A wonderful way to support a small locally owned business and recycle old electronics.
Ranjit RozarioRanjit Rozario
19:06 29 Jan 22
Very convenient drop off. Location is a residence but drop off is available any day. Just leave acceptable e-waste on the porch and send a text to the number listed.
P LouieP Louie
02:14 02 Jan 22
I had some old computers to get rid of and this location was along the way during one of my trips. They took these old stuff off my hands and I am grateful for how quick and easy it was done. Highly recommend this location if you also need to unload old computers.
Brandon MarxBrandon Marx
04:12 31 Dec 21
Super convenient drop off location. I dropped off a desktop, old laptop, and damaged monitors. I needed to get rid a lot of electronic junk because it was taking too much space. They made the process extremely easy, no questions asked. No problems at all, very thankful that the location was so close.
Jordan MarxJordan Marx
01:34 31 Dec 21
Reducing E-Waste made disposing of my e-waste easy. If you’re in the area, this is definitely the easiest way to get rid of old computers, monitors, keyboards, routers, or any other electronics you don’t need. They keep my old electronics out of land fills and keep the process hassle free.
Thomas YeeThomas Yee
22:03 14 Dec 21
I called the number and was given simple instructions where to leave my e-waste. I got rid of old computers, computer parts and so much more random junk. I was able to free up space in my garage. This was way too easy, highly recommended!